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Regular maintenance is performed on a monthly basis and ensures that your network maintains optimal performance.

We also recommend that regular maintenance checks be performed on your workstations.

We will perform the following steps and provide you with a detailed report.

Comprehensive Server Maintenance Strategies

  • Review system logs for errors and potential problems
  • Review service pack and hot fix installation history
  • Review hard disk usage and health reports
  • Review system backup process and disaster recovery status

Complete Network Management

  • Document network devices (hubs/switches/routers)
  • Review device configuration
  • Review firewall configuration

Workstation and PC Maintenance

  • Perform any needed repairs
  • Review disk usage
  • Review hardware statistics
  • Review hot fix and service pack install history
  • Review antivirus program configuration
  • Defragment local disks
  • Review event and system logs
  • Review printer statistics and perform needed maintenance

Complete Antivirus Protection and Monitoring

  • Check program version and signature files
  • Review scan history log for virus alerts
  • Review exclusions and exemption list for potential issues
  • Review scheduled system scans
  • Verify that scheduled updates are being performed