Is Your IT Company Doing a Good Job? Here’s What You Need to Know

A IT Company employee sitting infront of computer providing it services

IT support is no longer a privilege. In 2022, it’s a must-have.   

With so many organizations relying on computer technology, if something goes wrong, entire teams can be put out of work for a considerable amount of time.

But it can be tricky to know whether your IT company is upholding their end of the deal. As with anything, if we outsource components, it’s likely that we don’t understand them at the same level as professionals. That’s one of the leading reasons we’ve outsourced tasks.

That can become a barrier in understanding the impact and success rate of their work. So, how do you know whether your IT company is doing a good job? Today, LDD Consulting is going to teach you what to assess, what to look out for, and how to determine whether your IT support is doing what they should be doing.

What Does an IT Company Do?

When using IT services from an IT company, you can expect them to deliver services like:

  • Network and system monitoring
  • Cyber security
  • Server maintenance
  • Computer maintenance
  • Backup and recovery of online data
  • General IT support

Benefits of IT Consulting

Working with an IT company offers a variety of benefits, such as: 

  1. Allows you to focus on your company and daily tasks without the added pressure of IT
  2. Instant access to a specialist who can solve IT problems in a fraction of the time 
  3. Hiring an IT consultant means you’ll be saving money. Onboarding a new employee means you’ll need to pay a salary, benefits, annual leave, and so on. 
  4. Increased cyber security. In a world where the internet is so easily accessible, it costs (and dearly) if your cybersecurity isn’t top notch. Why risk it? 

How to Know If Your IT Company Is Doing a Good Job?

With a word like IT Support, it can be difficult to know whether you’re getting the most out of your investment. Simply because the industry is full of acronyms, metrics and numbers, and words that sound like a foreign language to most.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. 

You don’t have to simply take your IT company’s word for it.

Here’s how to know whether your IT company is doing a good job.

You Were Offered a Length of Contract That Suited You

Lengthy agreements work for some. However, for some companies, they prefer a short-term contract to trial the IT company. 

With LDD Consulting, you’re free to cancel your IT services at any time. Flexibility is important in IT consulting. A reputable IT provider won’t use a long contract to hold their clients hostage, rather they will be confident in their ability to make customers happy and be professional when it’s not a good fit between themselves and a patron.

You’re Not Having to Spend Time Sorting Technology 

One of the main benefits of outsourcing to an IT company is the increased productivity. When you don’t have to focus on fixing technological mishaps or turning things on and off again with no success, you’ll have far more time to dedicate to your business and what you do best — satisfying your clients.

You’re Given a Copy of Your Compliance Report 

Here at LDD Consulting, we’re big on providing you with the peace of mind you need with expert cybersecurity. You should feel as though your network is completely safe. And your IT company should be able to hand over your compliance reports that’ll prove it.

You’re Never Waiting Too Long for IT Assistance

One of the things we pride ourselves most on at LDD Consulting is our customer service. Our service phones are answered by an actual human being (no robots). And we’re on-site within 1 hour for emergencies.

If you’re finding that you’re left waiting for hours or days on end without the IT support you need, it may be time for an IT company upgrade!

IT Problems Are Solved Effectively 

Putting a band-aid on technological problems is always a part-time solution. A good IT company will diagnose the problem effectively before fixing said issue. If you’re having the same IT problems crop up time and time again, it’s likely that your IT company hasn’t diagnosed the root cause. This problem will continue to arise time and time again until the root has been discovered. Only then can the issue be solved.

Staff Are Highly Trained and Expertly Knowledgeable 

An IT Company is only as good as their staff. Here at LDD Consulting, our expert team is made up of highly experienced individuals who all uphold the company’s values.

You should feel like your IT needs are in – not only safe but – expert hands.

You’re Given Access to Advanced Remote Monitoring Technology 

No matter the time, having access to remote monitoring software means snags and problems that involve IT security are captured 24/7.

This specialized software keeps an eye on your IT infrastructure for any problems, including old age, potential viruses, or updates.

Proven Results

If your IT company hasn’t got reviews that prove their positive impact on their clients, it may be time to look for one that has.

When a company is happy with the service they’ve received, they tend to fill in feedback forms and share reviews.

You Feel Valued 

An IT Consulting company should go out of their way to make sure you feel respected and are treated as a priority. You shouldn’t feel that, when you raise a technological problem, anything is too much hassle.

As with most industries, customer service is crucial. However, with IT services, it can be even more so, as IT makes up such a large part of your business.

Don’t allow your IT company to make you feel a problem could be easily fixed by yourself. They should assist you in all your technological issues – big or small.

Your IT Consultant is a Partner Not a Contractor

Your IT support team should be your partner in business, not just someone who fixes your computers. If your IT company is focusing solely on IT, that is a red flag.

The best IT companies will focus on business strategies and how they can align your plans and procedures with technology to move your company forward.

One way a premier IT support company will do this is by conducting face to face meetings with you regularly. They will review your technology, your business for changes and provide guidance for ways to improve your technology and business efficiency.

Your relationship with your IT company should be a business partnership, not a maintenance service.

Your IT Provider is Insured with Cyber Liability Insurance 

While it is important that you carry your own cyber risk insurance for your business, it’s equally significant that your provider also carries their own policy for cyber liability and errors and omissions.

What happens if your provider creates a problem with your network that causes you to be down for hours or days, to lose data or get hacked, who’s responsible? What if one of their technicians gets hurt at your office? Or damages your property while there?

In this litigious society we live in, it’s best to be sure whomever you hire is adequately insured with both errors and omissions insurance, workers’ compensation and cyber liability – and they should be more than happy to send you the policy to review if asked.

Technology Should Be an Asset, Not a Nuisance 

Your company should thrive with the added support of technology, not buckle beneath it.

That’s why we’re so proud of the work we do. Allowing businesses to focus on their progression and development rather than fixing technical glitches.

So, if you’re looking for professional IT services for your business in New Mexico, get in touch today!

If you’re not ready to talk at this time, consider The Reboot as an additional resource for expert IT advice.