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Unlock Your Productivity by Delegating these 10 Tasks to IT Pros

10 Surprising Ways Your IT Pros Can Support Your Business

In the hustle and bustle of running a business, time is a precious commodity. As an entrepreneur, your to-do list seems never-ending, and there’s always something vying for your attention. To succeed, you must be selective about which tasks you personally take on. Not everything should or needs to be handled by you.

Delegation can be a tough nut to crack. Many business owners grapple with relinquishing tasks they believe only they can do efficiently. Phrases like “It’s faster if I just do it” and “They won’t do it like I do” often echo in the minds of entrepreneurs. While some tasks may genuinely require your personal touch, there’s a realm of IT and technology-related responsibilities that can and should be entrusted to the experts.

While it’s evident that tasks like cybersecurity, with its demanding 24/7 vigilance, are best left to professionals, other, less obvious responsibilities can also be outsourced to your IT team. Here are 10 such tasks that you might not have realized can be delegated, allowing you to focus on steering your business to success.

  1. Employee Activity Monitoring: Curious about your employees’ work habits? IT can install software to monitor and track their activities, providing valuable insights.
  2. Wi-Fi Troubleshooting and Optimization: Instead of crawling around trying to fix or enhance your Wi-Fi, let your IT team handle it. They have the expertise to get your network up and running seamlessly.
  3. Microsoft Teams Implementation: Transitioning to Microsoft Teams for enhanced productivity is a breeze for IT professionals. They can set up the platform and provide your team with training to maximize its potential.
  4. User Access Management: Managing user access rights and credentials can be a time-consuming chore. Your IT team can swiftly grant or revoke access for employees, streamlining the process.
  5. Device Procurement and Configuration: Whether you need new devices or existing ones configured, your IT team can source the best deals and set them up for optimal performance.
  6. Tech Support for Employees: Say goodbye to answering tech queries from your team. Your IT experts can efficiently handle tech support tickets, ensuring swift issue resolution.
  7. Dual Monitor Setup: Boost productivity by having IT set up dual monitors correctly. No more DIY struggles for your team.
  8. Computer Speed Optimization: If your computer is lagging, don’t resort to Google for solutions. Call your IT team—they can significantly improve your computer’s performance.
  9. Email and Spam Protection: IT can take over the task of filtering out dangerous or annoying spam emails, enhancing your email security.
  10. Office Equipment Configuration: Whether it’s a new printer or other office equipment, your IT team can take care of the setup.

The IT team’s capabilities don’t stop there. They can also assist with HIPAA, CMMC, and PCI compliance, facilitate secure external and remote data access, develop data loss recovery plans, oversee office relocations, handle cabling, and much more.

If you’re surprised by the extensive array of responsibilities that an IT team can handle beyond cybersecurity, you’re not alone. Many business owners are unaware of the full spectrum of services available.

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With an IT service provider as your trusted partner, you can focus on what you do best—leading your business toward even greater success.