Insights into the AT-T Breach

Insights into the AT&T Breach
What is the Key Take Away?

Recently, AT&T, the leading telecommunications giant in the U.S., made a concerning revelation. They uncovered a distressing situation on the dark web—a dataset up for sale. This dataset laid bare the personal information of approximately 7.6 million existing AT&T account holders and a staggering 65.4 million former users, amounting to a total of around 73 million affected accounts.

10 Signs Your IT Provider Really Cares About You

10 Signs Your IT Provider Really Cares About You

You might be wondering what separates the amazing IT providers from the so-so ones? Well, here at LDD Consulting, we’ve got some insider info to share. You see, when clients switch over to us, they often tell us the same thing: they didn’t even know what good support looked like until they experienced it.

On the Road to Security
4 Essential Cyber Tips for Travelers

In a world where cyber-attacks are becoming all too common, the recent incident involving Omni Hotels & Resorts serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities we face. With their entire IT system taken offline due to a malicious cyber-attack, the hotel chain grappled with the fallout, from disrupted operations to potential financial losses reaching into the millions.

Cyber Breach Protocol: 5 Critical Steps to Follow

Discovering a potential breach in your computer or network can be unnerving. The immediate response might be to panic, but in such situations, swift and informed action is crucial. What you do next can either minimize the impact, turning it into a minor setback, or escalate it into a full-blown crisis with legal repercussions and severe operational disruptions.