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June Cyber Security Tips

IT Security Tip #36: Working from home? DON’T! Until you read this… If you plan on catching up on some work from home AND you’re using a personal device such as a smartphone or personal laptop – DON’T! Unless your personal device is monitored by us, you could accidentally introduce a virus to the company’s network. ONLY devices that are … Read more

IT Security Tips for December

IT Security Tip #15: Set up bank alerts – NOW! Here’s a tip that just might save your bacon: set up withdrawal alerts on your bank accounts. Many banks will send you an e-mail alert whenever money is withdrawn from your account via check, debit card or transfer. Setting up those alerts will allow you to spot and report fraudulent … Read more

5 Common Workarounds For Remembering Passwords

With everything we do online, it’s impossible to remember all the passwords you need for a web site. So what do most people do? They use one of the following five “workarounds” that make them an easy target for cybercriminals and hackers. Here’s what they are: Using the same password for everything. If hackers gain access to one account, they … Read more

Frustrated By Trying To Remember All Those Passwords? Here’s How You Can Solve It

Are you still writing down all your passwords on a Post-It note? Maybe that used to work 10 years ago, but today, with SO MANY sites requiring a password and so many of us using multiple devices to access web applications, that’s really not an effective way to manage all the passwords you have. Plus, it opens the door of … Read more

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