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Educational Technology – What Administrators Need to Know

[row] [column md=”4″] [/column] [column md=”8″] Thursday, April 14th Thursday May 19th 10:00am—2:00pm Grand Canyon University 6700University NE, Albuquerque Learn about technology in education and what specifically administrators need to know about: Software Licensing Perpetual Licensing Subscription Models Maintenance and Support Cloud Computing Office 365 Google Apps Cloud Servers & Hosted Solutions Security Threat Protection Contingency Planning Disaster Recovery Hardware … Read more

Spooked About Your Network’s Security?

Not too long ago, in a place not so far away…when ancient hordes attacked your city, a single breach in the wall could mean certain death – or at least the end of life as you know it. Yet times change…or do they? Attacks by today’s cybercriminals on your network, while perhaps not physically life-threatening, can inflict severe damage to … Read more

How To Avoid The “Cash-Flow Crunch” Of A Network Upgrade

If you’re facing an expensive server refresh, network upgrade or expansion, there are two options you should consider to cut costs. The first is moving your network to the cloud. Doing this can often reduce hardware, software and support costs significantly over time, not to mention giving you more flexibility to work remote and from various devices. If you’re just … Read more

Should You Let Your Employees Use Personal Devices For Work?

BYOD, or “bring your own device,” is one of the fastest-growing trends for all businesses. With almost all applications moving to the cloud, it’s no longer necessary to have a traditional network with laptops and PC connected. But is it a GOOD idea to give employees that freedom? Here are some pros and cons about employees using their own laptops, … Read more

Are We Going To Microchip Our Babies?

A few months ago the hosts of the popular daytime TV show The View were flamed by viewers over a discussion about the benefits of microchipping our babies to keep track of them. However, a surprising number of viewers actually agreed with the hosts, stating that it was a good idea to help find lost children or victims of kidnapping … Read more

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