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Is “Convenient” Technology Silently Killing Sales In Your Company

With mobile devices, e-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn and countless other ways to communicate with clients, there is a temptation for sales pros to get sloppy and thoughtless – even reckless – about how they respond to and communicate with clients and prospects. For starters, just because you can take a client phone call from anywhere on a mobile phone doesn’t mean … Read more

One-Minute Habits To Supercharge Your Day

1. Take a minute to set the stage for success. Before you start doing something – before you start doing anything – answer this question: “What can I do to make this awesome?” That might sound cheesy, but it’s the perfect question to ask dozens of times each day. Intend to be awesome and more often than not you will … Read more

3 (Little?) White Lies VoIP Salespeople Will Tell You To Make The Sale

Thinking of replacing your old phone system with a brand-new VoIP system to save money?Before you do, make sure you know these half truths VoIP salespeople will tell you that may not be 100% legit. 1. VoIP will save you a boatload of money! For most, this is absolutely the case. However, if you’re a single, smaller office, you might … Read more

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Hurting Your Reputation?

Quick: Do a search on your NAME and see what comes up. Chances are your LinkedIn profile comes up in the top one to five SERPs (search engine results pages). Because of this, it’s critical you have a professional profile; prospects WILL search on your name before meeting with you or doing business with your company. If your LinkedIn profile … Read more

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