LDD, Inc. consistently earns the highest possible ratings in our customer surveys for our knowledge of hardware and software environments, ability to identify client needs, clear presentation of technical work proposals, ability to manage work to completion and for excellence in overall performance.

We have trusted LDD Consulting for 6 years now, and we know that we can always count on them to keep us up to date with the newest technology. Plus, with the incredible business relationships they have built throughout New Mexico, We’re confident that we are always getting the best deal. We knew we needed a professional to handle our IT support needs; it’s great to know that we’re in good hands, and can focus our time and energy into running a successful business.

Scott R. General Manager
Wagner Mechanical

LDD Consulting is reliable, consistent, and provides great communication. We appreciate LDD Consulting for their hard work and dedication.

Monica A. Executive Director
Mark Armijo Academy

Affordable, Available, Simple

After creating a cost comparison of IT providers, we discovered that LDD came in a few thousand less for the same package at our old law firm.  Before hiring LDD, each station was setup differently making it difficult to fix any problems ourselves, and the previous IT provider was slow to respond to emergencies.

With LDD’s service, someone is ready and available to help at all times.  Not too long ago, I deleted a file and then realized I needed it back (it was sort of a big deal).  As a reasonably smart person who is technology savvy, I thought I could retrieve it myself.  I could not.  I called LDD and a technician restored the file to me while we were on the phone in about a minute and my life was good again.  That is so worth it!

Since hiring LDD in 2015, things have never been smoother.  This is a no-worry experience and it is well worth the monthly cost.

The VoIP phones LDD sold us are cheaper than using the phone company!  The only possible disruption with regard to phones is the internet going down—which it inevitably hasDavid set my cell phone to receive the office calls when the internet goes down, so calls do NOT go unanswered.

Another bonus to the VoIP phones—I get an email with any voicemail left at our office.  I can check it remotely from anywhere without being there.  I can make calls from my cell phone as if I’m at the office, so wherever I am, people see our office number.  That’s incredible!

Basically, you made everything simple, and that’s the way it should be.  This is what we were missing from the old IT provider.  It felt like a chore to call them to ask for fixes.  They never got our remote access right and it seemed like an inconvenience to them every time we had an issue.  With LDD, help is served up with a smile and problems are solved in a quick and non-condescending way.  Thank you LDD!

Jennifer Finlayson Legal Assistant
Finlayson Law Firm

You make us feel secure, knowing that you take care of our back-ups and you monitor everything.

Our Endodontic practice has had the pleasure to work with LDD for almost five years. David and his team are very professional and knowledgeable and always quick to resolve any issues or problems that may arise. LDD’s staff are great at following-up with any concerns and always make sure the issues are rectified. They are great about letting us know what we need to do. They monitor everything for us and do our back-ups.

Our minds are at ease knowing that we are in the best hands we can be.  Any business lucky enough to work with LDD can be assured that they will be taken care of in a quick manner and with little to no interruption. Other offices considering LDD for IT services can feel confident that LDD will provide the best attention to their computer systems and networks. We love you and your staff. Thank you for everything!

Ginger Moreno Office Manager
ABQ Endodontics

LDD Consulting and LDD Web Design are essential to the success of our school. I have never experienced better customer service.

Sandy R. Director of Curriculum & Assessment
Albuquerque Charter Academy

The service LDD provides in monitoring allows for my staff and me to do our jobs more effectively. We are not having to problem solve issues we actually know little about. They are the experts in their field and their monitoring support allows us to focus on being experts in educating kids.

Theresa A. Principal
Tierra Adentro of New Mexico

LDD Provides Worry Free IT Support and Service

David and his team of highly trained professionals always make me feel as the one and only priority whether it’s a critical emergency or just day to day business. BVS has never worked with another IT firm that gives us such outstanding service. If you are unsure about hiring LDD, my advice is to leap to the side that LDD is on. The grass is very fertile and constantly being watered. It is a true pleasure working with LDD!

Rich Young Service Manager
Brazos Valley Services

Personal Service Is A Win For Us!

You will appreciate the personal service David and his team will provide.  We were able to discuss our company’s specific needs with David and not feel pressured into purchasing software or hardware that are not in line with our specific needs.  Instead, David provided a variety of customized options for us to choose from.  In my experience, LDD is better at prompt service than any other IT firm we’ve worked with.  Our staff members are very busy and highly value LDD’s quick responses—no more long holds on the phone or waiting for a call back!  If you are on the fence about choosing LDD as your IT provider, I urge you to give them a try.  The individualized service LDD gives is invaluable.

Jolyn Williams Manager
Home Dialysis of Santa Fe

Computer Problems Decreased by 70%

We have owned and operated a local busy dental practice here in Albuquerque since 1999.  We also became a fully digital practice beginning in 2000. With the rapid advancements and implementation of computer technology, digital information management and telemedicine, our day in and day out procedures and operating systems-- including dental software programs, digital x-rays, clinical digital progress notes,  patient treatment plans, ledger accounts and a multitude of other —had to perform at high levels of both speed and accuracy in order to serve the patients in the best way possible and to stay profitable.  Additionally, due to the sensitive nature of our patient’s information and HIPAA requirements, we needed to ensure that all the data stored and transferred was 100% secure.

After 14 years of constant IT issues we had simply come to the conclusion that constant battling with computers, software glitching, information storing, upgrade errors and backup problems was “just how the entire IT world worked."  In fact, there were many times over those 14 years of computer troubles and software malfunctions that we used to find ourselves longing for the good old days of handwritten clinical notes and paper documentation.

Then, in 2015, we had an opportunity to begin to interview several IT businesses looking for something different and hopefully better.  After speaking with David Luft, the president and CEO of LDD, we were impressed with his honest straightforward and easy to understand communication. He assessed our existing technology, listened to what we needed and desired, respected our budget and offered us several different options to consider.  We decided to hire LDD.

Now, after nearly 5 years of working with LDD we can state with absolute delight (and a slight bit of shock) that our "IT lives" have never been better!  Our software glitches and computer problems decreased easily by more than 70% within the first year.  And when problems did arise, one quick phone call to LDD--which was answered immediately by a live person—connected us to one of the IT tech employees who usually serviced our office within one hour.  Always professional, always available, trustworthy and very good at what they do, LDD has provided us with hassle free proficient IT service for years and we absolutely LOVE our IT people. Whoever says that?  Well, we do because it’s true.  David and his amazing staff at LDD are wonderful.  We feel incredibly fortunate that LDD exists right here as a local business in Albuquerque, NM. We highly recommend LDD to everyone!

Dr. Greg & Mrs. Paige LoPour Co-Owners
LoPour & Associates DDS
Smiles By Design
Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Knowledgeable, Polite, Responsive

LDD consulting has been instrumental in the IT functioning of our office. That is the single biggest benefit – you are there for us and respond quickly to every situation we have no matter how small or how simple. LDD guides us to the correct and up-to-date technology and equipment that best serves our needs. Your response time and your patience to walk us through situations has been invaluable and far better than any other IT service we have worked with. Our previous IT provider didn’t come close to the professionalism of LDD. We’ve been so happy with LDD, that we’ve been a customer for over 11 years!  I would recommend LDD because they are a great company:  the staff is knowledgeable, polite and responsive. They know the importance of technology in the work place today and the importance of keeping our company safe and secure.

Gayle Gardener Property Services Manager
Mechenbier Construction, Inc.

LDD Provides Us with the Best Service

We have worked with a variety of IT firms before we met LDD Consulting CEO and Owner, David Luft. None of those IT companies were in business for very long. We are proud to say that we’ve been with LDD for over 15 years and have never been disappointed with the service or work they provide. The team at LDD makes us feel as if we are their only client and they answer all our questions—never making us feel bad about asking for more information.  All our IT issues are handled quickly and successfully whether it’s a complex matter like a server or a simple problem with my laptop. LDD has never failed to provide the NMBA with the best service.

Paula Maes President & CEO
New Mexico Broadcasters Association

Time and Money Saved

We had three previous IT providers before we hired LDD, and all of them created more headaches then they actually solved. David Luft responded to our query with expert knowledge and recommendations resulting in a new, streamlined IT system for us—this included incorporating Microsoft umbrella services, 24-7 monitoring and backups.  The regular reporting and pre-emptive servicing has nearly eliminated network downtime.  LDD is readily available and always on top of issues before we even realize there’s a problem to be dealt with.

Something David Luft and his team do better than other IT firms is educate us about problematic issues and how they plan to solve them, and the process is managed thoroughly from start to finish.  In my opinion, LDD goes above and beyond other IT agencies.

If you’re undecided about LDD, trust me when I say, “We have learned the hard way.” It is more cost effective to have an IT provider on contract then it is to try and hack your way through issues or pay for emergency services.  The time and money saved by partnering with LDD has been well worth it and incredibly valuable to keeping our business productive.

Will Hartley Director, Sales & Business Development
Sound & Signal Systems of New Mexico, Inc.

LDD Offers a Personal Approach

The single biggest benefit of working with LDD is the personal approach they offer.  LDD always responds quickly by troubleshooting and resolving technical issues; Should there be a concern, it is promptly addressed. If you’re on the fence about choosing LDD as your IT provider, give David Luft a call—he will not disappoint.  David will ask what your needs are and make a fair and concise recommendation.

Teresa Montano Practice Manager
Albuquerque Nephrology Associates