LDD Consulting works with 14 dental practices in New Mexico, primarily in the Albuquerque metro. We offer complete network management so that your dental practice can focus on what really matters- your patients. We can also assist your practice in becoming HIPAA Compliant and protect your business from cybersecurity threats.

The Dental Cooperative has established a partnership with LDD Consulting, Inc. in order to provide many free or discounted services to its members. Including Free Essential Security Training for your staff, 10% off of HIPAA Compliant Backup services and a Free Basic Network review. To take advantage of these special offers, apply to become a member of the Cooperative at http://www.dentalcoop.com/.

Computer Problems Decreased by 70%

"We have owned and operated a local busy dental practice here in Albuquerque since 1999.  We also became a fully digital practice beginning in 2000. With the rapid advancements and implementation of computer technology, digital information management and telemedicine, our day in and day out procedures and operating systems-- including dental software programs, digital x-rays, clinical digital progress notes,  patient treatment plans, ledger accounts and a multitude of other —had to perform at high levels of both speed and accuracy in order to serve the patients in the best way possible and to stay profitable.  Additionally, due to the sensitive nature of our patient’s information and HIPAA requirements, we needed to ensure that all the data stored and transferred was 100% secure.

After 14 years of constant IT issues we had simply come to the conclusion that constant battling with computers, software glitching, information storing, upgrade errors and backup problems was “just how the entire IT world worked."  In fact, there were many times over those 14 years of computer troubles and software malfunctions that we used to find ourselves longing for the good old days of handwritten clinical notes and paper documentation.

Then, in 2015, we had an opportunity to begin to interview several IT businesses looking for something different and hopefully better.  After speaking with David Luft, the president and CEO of LDD, we were impressed with his honest straightforward and easy to understand communication. He assessed our existing technology, listened to what we needed and desired, respected our budget and offered us several different options to consider.  We decided to hire LDD.

Now, after years of working with LDD we can state with absolute delight (and a slight bit of shock) that our "IT lives" have never been better!  Our software glitches and computer problems decreased easily by more than 70% within the first year.  And when problems did arise, one quick phone call to LDD--which was answered immediately by a live person—connected us to one of the IT tech employees who usually serviced our office within one hour.  Always professional, always available, trustworthy and very good at what they do, LDD has provided us with hassle free proficient IT service for years and we absolutely LOVE our IT people. Whoever says that?  Well, we do because it’s true.  David and his amazing staff at LDD are wonderful.  We feel incredibly fortunate that LDD exists right here as a local business in Albuquerque, NM. We highly recommend LDD to everyone!”

 Dr. Greg & Mrs. Paige LoPour
LoPour & Associates DDS
Smiles By Design
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