David Luft started LDD in 2000. What began in high school as an interest in artificial intelligence led to a degree in psychology with a minor in computer science and an MBA, giving him the foundation for starting a company dedicated to solving problems and providing excellent customer service. LDD now employs a comprehensive team, successfully facilitating enterprise level solutions and allowing small business owners to forget about their technology and focus on their passion.

In 2000, David Luft left his job at the local utility company to become the founder of LDD. In high school he was interested in tinkering with computers; at that time, he had to put the phone handset into a modem and use the printer keyboard to hook up to the mainframe of the Career Enrichment Center to practice programming (which included teaching himself how to hand-mark punch cards).

In college he grew interested in artificial intelligence, which lead to a degree in Psychology with a minor in Computer Science from the University of New Mexico. As evidence of the love he had for problem-solving and troubleshooting, he spent his time outside of studying combining his passions: creating several artificial intelligence programs for fixing cars and playing video games using a portable computer from work. He also went on to become an Apple Certified Technician, working on the legendary Apple IIe adjusting drive speeds and soldering memory modules.

Original Apple lle

After graduating in 1990, David worked as a technician for a year with an ARCnet Network (a predecessor to Ethernet), where he installed their first email system. Since the internet was not widespread at that time however, the company only used it internally. He also installed and supported the first widespread version of Windows 3.1 and later Windows for Workgroups which came on ten 3.5” floppy disks.

Microsoft 3.1 and Floppy Disks That I Used to Install Operating Systems on My First Corporate Networks

A year later he realized he wanted to continue his career in technology and chose to pursue a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Information Systems from his alma mater. He worked throughout New Mexico with the schools, then at a local utility company. During that time, he also earned his Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certificate and became a Microsoft Certified Trainer. Following his graduation, he worked as an Information Systems Manager providing desktop and help-desk services for national companies. While there he was also the Operations Manager for a training division where he oversaw eight training locations throughout New Mexico.

His next venture was to create LDD as a way to both provide quality services to local businesses and fulfill his dedication to solving problems and providing exceptional customer service. During this start-up period, he taught the Microsoft Program at three local post-secondary institutions; this gave him the benefit an incredibly thorough knowledge of the subject which he continues to use daily. David’s knowledge of programming allowed him to start providing intranet services (internal use websites) to customers and a few years later he acquired a website company, allowing him to separate LDD into two divisions, one for IT services and one for websites.

The LDD stands for the Lord, David, and Dina his wife since 1992. In the logo, the two “Ds” are resting in the “L” to represent their trust and willingness to rest in God and their desire to conduct their business in a manner that pleases Him.

Original LDD Logo

After twenty years, LDD is excelling in their field, providing services mainly in the highly competitive and regimented education and medical fields. David works to stay abreast of current technology trends and ensures that his training and certifications and that of his staff are always up-to-date. LDD currently has a team of employees, all of whom are just as eager to provide quality customer service as David is. Our office manager will ensure all customers’ needs are addressed in a timely fashion and that they are provided with the best service. LDD’s mission is to facilitate enterprise level solutions, allowing small businesses to forget their technology and focus on their businesses. They strive to deliver quality solutions with exceptional value.